Who Are We

To provide challenges and supports through learning opportunities to individuals so they use their gifts and talents to become vital members of their communities.

Rainbow Abilities Center, Inc. is organized for the purpose of establishing and maintaining an activity center for adults who are developmentally disabled, regardless of race, creed, religion, or sex. The focus is on day habilitation and providing opportunities and supports to become active members of the community. Additionally, residential development for qualified people with disabilities is supported.


The Rainbow Abilities Center's adult day activity program is designed to promote the independence of the individuals with developmental disabilities. The center endeavors to enable our consumers to achieve the skills necessary to live in the least restrictive environment. Our professional staff is committed to the principle of normalization; a decision making process that encourages an individual with a disability to achieve their maximum potential. We pledge to make every feasible effort to provide each consumer with the skills necessary to function appropriately in the community.

In order to satisfy the varied needs of our community, the Rainbow Abilities Center endeavors to deliver a highly competent and continuously improving program. We consider the need to maintain a high degree of well managed fiscal and administrative policies that will generate the most efficient system possible, with a commitment of acquiring the best possible professional services possible within our existing means.

Rainbow Abilities Center is operated as a non-profit organization and the services provided are funded in part through The Missouri Department of Mental Health, Disability Resource Connection, Developmental Services of Franklin County, and private donations.


Consumers attend Rainbow Abilities Center, Monday thru Friday, 8:30a.m. to 2:30p.m.  Our main objective is to develop individualized programs that will meet the needs of each of the people we serve, whatever those needs might be. The services provided are day habilitation services.  We provide them in a group ratio of no more than 6 consumers to 1 staff.